About Us

Nutritionist, Flexibility Therapist, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Thomas B. Strong is a highly sought after expert. Renowned as a fat loss specialist capable of getting his clients into their best ever shape in the quickest possible time, Thomas' empowering style motivates his clients to reach beyond their own self imposed limitations and achieve results that they never thought possible.

A avid fitness enthusiast since he was 13, Thomas has amassed well over 30,000 hours of practical experience in coaching athletic excellence, and is committed to the science of exercise training and sound nutritional planning. Thomas employs a meticulous methodology in everything that he does, so that he can predict for his clients the exact changes their bodies will make, by which he instills confidence and transparency into a process that has in the past been too often clouded by haphazard guesswork. With Thomas as your coach nothing is left to chance.

Unrelenting in his quest to stay at the top of all the most modern scientific breakthroughs in physical enhancement, Thomas continues to build upon a lifetime of hands-on gym experience by earning many of the top certifications in physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, and nutrition, as well as learning directly from best in class, world renowned doctors and coaches.

Although one quick glance at Thomas will give away to even the uneducated observer Thomas's long standing passion for all avenues of the fitness lifestyle, when examining his academic background and professional experience, you can see how he has been led to his “dream career” as a fitness coach. He has been overweight as a child and has been a top athlete, both experiences have served him well in empathizing with clients from all backgrounds. With an approach that is firmly rooted in real world application, Thomas ensures that each and every client has a practical program and exercise philosophy that fits around their unique desires and lives. This is the only way he knows to guarantee long term success.

Thomas Strong stands apart as a coach who can both “talk the talk, and walk the walk". His roster of clients whose livelihoods depend upon both looking and feeling in their best possible shape speaks for itself, and is seen by Thomas Strong as the best and most compelling advertisement for his business.